The path you choose takes you wherever you want to be

I am a wanderer.

I’ve always felt the pull of adventure to see other spaces, to explore the places near and far. In my young adulthood, I had friends with cars who shared my desire to roam freely and on my own I biked and road buses with no destination in mind, finding myself wherever I ended.

My personal journey changed when I decided that life as an artist was right for me. I began to use my wanderlust as a way to find inspiration for my artwork.

I’ve taken thousands of photo’s through the years, my computer is packed full of trees, rivers, various lakes and towns and an excess of lake michigan shoreline.

My sketchbooks are filled with forests, farmland and winding roads. There is a never-ending supply of artists composition outside our doors!

For me, a day on the road or trail is a day worth living three fold.

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