Strawberry Moon

This week was the last super moon for a while. Known as the Strawberry Moon for it’s fortunate timing with the annual strawberry harvest. There is little to compare with the absolute sweetness of strawberries picked fresh out of a field. This year my sister and I went to the Thompson Strawberry Farm near Bristol,Continue reading “Strawberry Moon”

Walk The Art River

Many large cities have walkways that follow their respective waterways. Chicago, Indianapolis and Minneapolis are just a few that I have seen. Milwaukee is following suit and has so far built about 3 miles of cement filled trail. In some areas you currently need to walk across a bridge and switch to the opposite sideContinue reading “Walk The Art River”


I am writing from my studio looking out the window to my back yard affording too, a slice of my neighbors yard. It seems as though I can see the time lapse of the trees leaves unfurl, but I know that is an exaggeration. The many hosts on the other hand, do seem to expandContinue reading “Montage”

Into The Lion’s Den

Only 30 minutes north of Milwaukee and a short bike ride east of Grafton, Wisconsin, set atop a 100 foot bluff, exists a paradise of photo opportunities and plein air painting. Lion’s den Gorge county park holds 1.5 miles of gravel and boarded hiking trails running throughout the park. Parts of the trails are handicapContinue reading “Into The Lion’s Den”

At Lynden

For years I’d driven past the property at 2145 Brown Deer Road thinking it was the home of an artist. There were no signs, only an eight to 10 foot wooden fence with colorful sculptures peeking out over the top. In the past few years I’ve learned of The Lynden Sculpture Garden but it wasn’tContinue reading “At Lynden”

One Walk

On days when I don’t have time to find a long wood to hike, I just step out of my door and see what I can find. I almost always come across one or many things worth the telling of a story. When I moved into this neighborhood the woman living next door took meContinue reading “One Walk”

Beach Days

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel that life is overwhelming and you simply need a quiet open space? I’ve had more than my share in the last couple of years and even a short time away from “it all” is the best plan. I leave my lists on the tableContinue reading “Beach Days”


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