Strawberry Moon

This week was the last super moon for a while. Known as the Strawberry Moon for it’s fortunate timing with the annual strawberry harvest. There is little to compare with the absolute sweetness of strawberries picked fresh out of a field.

Thompsons farm field not yet ready for prime time pickings!

This year my sister and I went to the Thompson Strawberry Farm near Bristol, Wisconsin. This farm is located on 75th street, or highway 50, just a skip west from I 90-94 in Kenosha County.

My sister heading in to the ripened field.

They also have a second location this year, a little further west and north. If you get to one location and it’s closed, they will have signs with directions to the second farm.

An abundance of fruit awaits!!

The farm now charges an entrance fee of $5.00 cash to help cover the overhead costs that will help keep them in business so we can continue to get those amazing berries year after year. Follow the drive in and they will direct you to the parking area near where the days picking is taking place. Be prepared to drive a while on a bumpy dirt road, leave the sports car at home, but a jeep isn’t necessary. Strawberries are $16.00 per box but they have a deal to purchase 5 boxes and get the 6th free! I can say with great confidence that 6 boxes is a lot of berries and you will need help to eat them, or a large freezer, and several pairs of hands to prepare your feast.

Thompsons will provide the boxes, but you can return with the boxes for more berries or use them for other tasks. I put mine to good use holding small planter pots!

You pay as you leave and you can use a credit card or bank card for the berries. Be nice to the staff, they are fun people and work long days in the fields with little to no shade. I’m not sure if tipping is allowed or necessary, but maybe buy them a cold drink from the beverage cart. And get one for yourself while you’re at it.

The fruits of my labor.

1 box is about the same as 4 large grocery store boxes. Maybe more depending on the size of the berries. I froze half of a box, gave some to 3 or four friends, ate A LOT and I made 10 small jars of strawberry marmalade. If I’d gotten around to planting rhubarb I’d have made pie too! I now have frozen strawberries for smoothies to last most of the summer!

Looking north from the parking area. What a lovely view!!!

Try this smoothie: 1 cup Frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup frozen banana, 1/4 cup vanilla or plain yogurt, 1/4 cup whole milk, 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/2-1 scoop vanilla protein powder. These measurements are a guess, and you can add or subtract liquid as you like or try it with coconut milk/coconut milk yogurt. It makes about 16 ounces, give or take. It’s all good! The less healthy route is to throw a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream in your blender, add frozen berries and a bit of milk to make a perfect strawberry shake! No measurement required.

Time to eat!

After the farm picking, we drove in to Kenosha to check out the work in progress that is down town. It’s becoming a swanky place to hang out with coffee shops, restaurants and even a cool new Brew House!

Inside of Buzz Cafe, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

We chose the Buzz Cafe on 6th avenue in the center of Down Town. They sell excellent coffee and lots of delicious bakery. But it’s not just coffee! Check out their selection of wines and beer or try out their restaurant connection next door!

Looking toward the 6th street entrance Buzz Cafe. Mike Bijorns shop is across the street!

After a bit of refreshment, take a stroll through the area. You’ll find an abundance of old architecture and history buffs can spend some time searching for what used to be and some places that are still in business. Plus, there are some fun shops to check out, vintage shops, antiques, a lamp store, the Jocky outlet and don’t miss Mike Bijorns famous clothing store.

If shopping isn’t your thing, try a walk along the harbor toward the lakefront. If you have an afternoon to spare, check out a museum or two. You can even ride a trolly through town just for a relaxing sit. Remember to bring a handful of strawberries!

Thompsons Farm is located at: 14000 75th street, Bristol, Wisconsin. Open 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. Check their facebook page for berry details. If you miss the strawberry season, raspberries are in soon and they will also have sunflower fields. Pick your own or go early to get some staff picked boxes.

Happy harvest moon!


P.S. Try this old favorite! Dip fresh strawberries in sour cream then dark brown sugar. Dip heavy handed and put a bowl of each out when friends come over. They will be pleasantly surprised at how tasty this is!! FYI, yogurt is not a good substitute, you need the combination of sweet/sour for the full experience.

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I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon

  1. Jenny, You wrote this so delightfully — what a fun read. When you describe the strawberry reciipies I can taste them.
    I was surprised you did not mention that this was your home town. I kept thinking you used to love roving there when you were girl with the neighborhood gang. Thanks for the journey, I learned some things about the town I did not know. Glad you had a good time. Mike

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you liked it. I’ve been having a trying time getting out to find things to write about, let alone getting myself to sit and write. Having the yard and garden well planted now, getting to just watch it grow, helps. I must try to keep the proverbial weeds at bay.


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