A Road Untraveled


a Sad Sight

Follow me as I take you on day journeys throughout Wisconsin. Allow your imagination the freedom of open spaces and roaming highways. If you dare, fill up your gas tank, grease up your bike chain or dust off your hiking shoes as we head out to find our undiscovered path.

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Cleaning Out The Dirt

March is meditation month. I’ve also heard that May is also meditation month. Knowing how much better life is with a daily meditation practice, I don’t think 2 months are a problem. Although, it would be better to break the year up in two to remind us of meditations great importance. I have learned muchContinue reading “Cleaning Out The Dirt”

Too Cold To Hike

The optimal winter hiking temperature is from 20-30 degrees fahrenheit. Last week we were in the midst of a polar blast sent by way of Canada. Thanks Canada. Seriously though, as much as this is normal, when the wind chill can cause hypothermia in a matter of minutes, it leaves us with little time outContinue reading “Too Cold To Hike”

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