A Road Untraveled


a Sad Sight

Follow me as I take you on day journeys throughout Wisconsin. Allow your imagination the freedom of open spaces and roaming highways. If you dare, fill up your gas tank, grease up your bike chain or dust off your hiking shoes as we head out to find our undiscovered path.

Latest from the Blog

At Lynden

For years I’d driven past the property at 2145 Brown Deer Road thinking it was the home of an artist. There were no signs, only an eight to 10 foot wooden fence with colorful sculptures peeking out over the top. In the past few years I’ve learned of The Lynden Sculpture Garden but it wasn’tContinue reading “At Lynden”

One Walk

On days when I don’t have time to find a long wood to hike, I just step out of my door and see what I can find. I almost always come across one or many things worth the telling of a story. When I moved into this neighborhood the woman living next door took meContinue reading “One Walk”

The Beach at Harrington

The first time I went to Harrington State Park was in the late 1990’s. I’d been on the way to Terry Andrae Park when I saw the sign for Harrington Beach and took a B-line to see what it was all about. Unfortunately I mistook the entrance for a different road and drove to theContinue reading “The Beach at Harrington”

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