I am writing from my studio looking out the window to my back yard affording too, a slice of my neighbors yard. It seems as though I can see the time lapse of the trees leaves unfurl, but I know that is an exaggeration. The many hosts on the other hand, do seem to expand more every time I peek out the window.

A view of a current work in progress.

I note that learning to nurture a yard to a gardeners opinion of beauty is a task worthy of a retired status. As I am not yet at that point in my life, I have had limited time for travel this week. Therefore, I decided to share a collection of older images from various places in Wisconsin that are some of my favorite destinations.

Farm field near The Rushes, Bailys Harbor, Wisconsin.

I’ll begin far north in to Door County. This is undoubtedly my favorite area in Wisconsin. One wonders why I don’t live there and I suppose it is because I like to be a visitor. One day, I plan to own a second home to visit at the will of my spirits needs.

Canal on the east side of Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.
View of Lake Michigan, Whitefish Dunes State Park, Door County, Wisconsin.

I don’t think it is possible to say or write enough about the benefits of a visit to the peninsula. From the southern edge just past GreenBay to the northern most point is one great image after another to photograph, paint of simply to embrace. If anyone asked me where in the world should I go to clear my mind of garbage, I would send them to Door County.

Cave Point, Door County, Wisconsin.
A couple of fun photos of my folks.

In the middle eastern portion of Wisconsin is the Kettle Moraine Northern Unit. It contains about 132 miles of trails that will keep most hiking enthusiasts happy.

A hiking trail somewhere in Wisconsin. Could be Kettle Moraine, could be Door County or Lapham Peak!

Along the coast are multiple places to check out. Sheboygan, Port Washington, Milwaukee, The South Shore, Racine and Kenosha. Here’s a few photos to peak your interest.

Kohler Andre State Park.
Arial view of Sheboygan county. Fun with Google Maps Satellite!
Black and White at Harrington Beach.
Sand and Carnelian stone, Harrington Beach
Drifting wood on The Fox River.
North Beach in winter. Racine, Wisconsin
Bridge in Racine, Island Park.
Courtyard Dekoven Center, winter. Racine, Wisconsin.
Kettle Moraine, Northern Unit, Scuppernong trail section.
Kenosha Beach sculpture.

Getting a little closer to home, here are a few neighborhood photos, a couple new, a couple old, maybe a couple in between.

Grant park beach.
Oak Creek where it flows in to Lake Michigan.
Image from the Franklin Bike Trail. Milwaukee County.
Caledonia, Wisconsin.
A Milwaukee County Park, Winter.
Milwaukee Down Town, summer 2020.
Willow The Cat. The camera loves her.

That ends my week off from day tripping montage. It has no real theme except to share some of my photos with you. I hope that you enjoyed the mix! I’m still thinking about where I will venture out to for next weeks story, but it will most likely be a hiking journey. My soul needs to connect with the woods.

Thank you for following along!!!

Happy trails,


Published by destinybluemoon

I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

One thought on “Montage

  1. Thanks Jenny for the photo tour and refreshing my memory of some happy times in the different woods. Many of which we shared together. Life has a way, at times, of encroaching on the things we need and want to do.
    Happy trails to you and your readers.

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