Winter Gardens

There are over 500 golf courses in the state of Wisconsin. Many of them are publicly owned some are private but accessible to those with money to splurge. In the winter these gloriously kept gardens are a safe and fun place to snowshoe or cross country ski. In years past I stuck mainly to theContinue reading “Winter Gardens”

Cold Days for Arts Sake

I am an advocate for hiking any time of day, but I think that morning is the best time to hike or walk anywhere. The air feels cleaner in the morning, as if the movement of awakening life forces stirs up the air molecules and makes them less pure. Today is a cold day outside.Continue reading “Cold Days for Arts Sake”

Green Land

We all are a gift. The world is a better place when we share our gifts with one another and life wouldn’t exist well without our combined contributions. There is a group of volunteers who continue to dedicate time and effort to protect the equestrian trails and lands of the Caledonia Conservancy in northern RacineContinue reading “Green Land”

Close To Home for T Day

I’ve never been a lover of shopping. For me, holiday shopping was something I have always tried to do in one day and have never been a participant in the day after Thanksgiving craze. As a matter of fact, I truly only like shopping for groceries, kitchen stuff, art supplies and books. This year, IContinue reading “Close To Home for T Day”

Abundant Asters

Many of you may know Warnimont Park for its section of OakLeaf paved bike trail that connects to Grant Park. I’ve ridden that trail many times in the last 15 or more years. Today, I chose to walk it for the first time and really discovered the extent or that section of the Forked AsterContinue reading “Abundant Asters”