Learning to Be Patient

I have a dear friend who is teaching me how to be a gardener. Not simply the art of gardening, but in being a gardener with patience to let the plants take root, grow and thrive in their own practiced time.

It seems this year is a time of great patience for all and if any of you are like me, it continues to be a difficult practice. Today I am practicing to let the weather rule and I’ve decided to stay inside where the cold 25 mph cold wind only catches me through the old walls of my house.

With Willow the cat curled by my side and a hot cup of afternoon coffee I choose to open a book for the first time in weeks. I am reading “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel for the first time. It’s poignancy of this time in my life is not lost on me. I feel as if I have been waiting to be rescued even though I know I can only do that for myself. As I read it, I can’t help but wonder if the boat is floating around in circles and compare that to the way I have lived my life.

I’d begun the day with a list of chores and plans, but the grey, cold, windy day has my spirit hunkered down under a blanket. I thought about baking an apple pie, and I may still do that. I thought I’d clean my house, but most of that can wait another day. I thought about going for a short hike in the conservancy near my house, but stepped out to the yard and ran back in the house where it is warm. I thought about writing a blog about a sun filled day to bring some cheer to everyones day, but here I am, in bare honesty, wearing sweat pants and t-shirt, on my couch. And I am happy.

One thing I am getting done is to bake the some of the pumpkins that I’d used as fall decoration on my porch. It isn’t a taxing job and it is filling my house with the smell of pumpkin pie. Yet another lesson in patience! Pumpkins, even the small pie varieties take a long time to roast. Maybe I’ll make a pumpkin pie??

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this thought. Not all journeys are physical. Sometimes we are on a journey of change and this can only be as good as we make it. Any time you are unsure of where you are going, stand still, the trees know where you are.

Have a restful day!


Published by destinybluemoon

I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

4 thoughts on “Learning to Be Patient

  1. Taking a journey without leaving the house, how cool or warm is that? I felt right there with you throughout this piece, how tangibly written is that!


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