Empower Yourself

You are the only one who can connect to your inner Xena.

My inner warrior and sidekick.

You can be as much of a warrior as you choose, no matter what you are doing at any given time. Wherever you are in your life experience, a strong body helps build a strong mind which helps build a strong spirit and gives back to your body. It is a wondrous circle. The trinity that makes you who you are is controlled by you and only you and only you can keep all three strong and balanced.

Choose to be yourself.

After a year that has been described with sarcasm, anger, frustration and illness, a chance has come for us to grow in ways we never knew we could have seen ourselves. I’ve not been one to make NewYears resolutions because I’ve never been able to stick to them. Probably because I didn’t know to make them specific. Regardless, I have always believed that personal growth is the only important part of living. Without growth, we live stagnant, sad and desperate lives. Change happens no matter how much we try to stop it, let your life change for better.

Lake Park bluff, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

There are so many ways to get stronger, to grow your spirit along with your muscles. The world is full of opportunity to “work out”. Yoga is good for all three elements of a human being. Meditation, both sitting and walking have done a lifetime of good for me. I’ve learned of a practice called “Shinrin-yoku” that fascinates me. I may try it some day but for my own sense of cleaning, I only need to walk out into the woods every few days. But for any of my readers interested, here is a link. https://www.natureandforesttherapy.org

Last summer I remember reading about a group who practiced in Grant park here in SouthMilwaukee. It sounds like a very peaceful kind of spirit cleanse that can’t hurt and I’ve no doubt that it can help.

Grant park ski trail

If forest bathing isn’t your idea of fun, try snow shoeing this winter. It scares some people off because of the cold but it really is something indescribably amazing to be in the woods in winter. The quiet of the woods over takes you and the movement of hiking through snow (or running!) is so meditative that you don’t notice the cold. It goes without saying that it is best to get out early to take advantage of the daylight and if you do go out later, bring a friend.

Many of us live near a gold course, or two, and snow shoeing allows us non golfers the opportunity to see areas of our parks we would otherwise miss. If you want to try shoeing, I suggest that you borrow a pair of snowshoes and begin on a golf course. There are lots of open spaces and no trails to get lost on. Today I went through the Grant park golf course. It truly is a lovely course and with its rolling hills I found it excellent exercise for my too much unused muscles. A couple of warnings, sand traps can be scary and the waters that make golfing more of a challenge can be hard to see in deep snow.

Grant Park Golf fairway

I prefer exercising outside, but I also love to practice yoga. In this last year I found the need to be outside more than usual and so yoga got a second chair. As I head back to a job outside the house, I’ll feel more apt to move back to a yoga practice, partly for the need to stretch, but also because outdoor activity will be more limited. Whatever it is you do to strengthen your body, make it something you like to do over something you feel you should do. Liking what you do always makes for a better outcome. And avoid the television as much as possible. Read more. Draw, even if you think you can’t. Write, anything. Your brain will thank you.

Two of the strongest people I know, they taught me
everything I know about love.

Spend whatever time you can with the people you love. Love is the strongest part of us we have and all life is drawn from love and it will make you stronger in every way. We are, every one of us, dependent on each other. More than we often realize.

Let last years sadness, frustration and disappointments go away. Just send it all packing. They are in the past and we cannot change any of what happened, or didn’t happen. Find your inner voice that helps you feel strong and secure and let today be the day your warrior grows an inch or two taller.

The trees know where you are. Happy New Year,


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I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

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