Seeds of Change

I became a first time home owner about this time last year. It was one of the most exciting times of my life. But then when the world stood still, it was one of the most terrifying. My life was thrown into a whirlwind of change.

A Path of Change, St. Francis, Wisconsin

There were times when it felt overwhelming and other times when it became the best and most productive days I’ve known. I found myself with free day after free day to do anything my heart desired.

North Beach, Racine, Wisconsin

I made a lot of art. I painted most of the inside of my house and parts of the outside. I cooked and baked, biked long distances, hiked and traveled around my state. I made plans. The seeds were planted.

Most excellent steer in winter coat

I began to learn how to garden. I fell in love with the earth and how working with it can fill my soul with joyful growth. I started to really understand how we are all part of nature and that the earth and life of plants are much stronger than humans. They control us more easily than we can control them. I learned more deeply how all life must work together to survive.

Green space, Oak Creek, Wisconsin

All of these lessons made it possible to appreciate forests, waters, prairie and other lands I happened upon. It helped me to feel more comfortable with change, know that change is good. Even bad effort can lead to a positive outcome. Everything that happens has something to teach us.

This past year made me want to do more good for our world. I believe that the art I make is my legacy and that it does help make the lives of those who see it just a little bit better. However, the day traveling I’ve done and writing about these trips allows me to reach a larger audience. To share my insights and the interesting places I find gives many more people joy, if only for the few minutes it takes to read my stories. And along the way, I can share my art along with my love for life.

Todays post isn’t about any specific place. It is cold today and I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to pile on layers for a long hike, only a short trip along Lake Michigans shore to my old neighborhood to see if anything new happened in the last few months. Aside from a few new house colors there was little visible change. But it felt different. It is no longer my neighborhood and I felt like a visitor. I miss living there, but I am ok with where my life is being directed.

South Shore Yacht Club, winter, BayView, Wisconsin

I also feel extremely lucky to be living where I do. I am closer to more green spaces and further away from the noise of urban life but still close enough to visit almost any time I feel the need to be a part of the excitement.

Milwaukee Skyline from BayView

This time has brought at least some change for some of us, much change for most. The winds of change will lessen before they grow stronger and we have learned that normal is irrelevant, everything will continue to evolve Although we humans must make some changes in our behavior to help, Mother nature will continue to keep the cycle of life spinning. The greatest lesson I learned this year is that the only possible constant is change.

Stay well, enjoy life,


Published by destinybluemoon

I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

9 thoughts on “Seeds of Change

  1. Once again I am moved by the beauty of your writing and feelings. I’m learning so much about you that is new to me and am impressed over and over. Keep writing, painting and growing.


    1. I am so happy that you are reading these writings. I feel that I am growing as I write and search out places both in person and in my heart. I find myself thinking much about how I can help others simply by writing about what I’ve experienced.


    1. Thank you Mel! I love that you are able to read my posts. I miss you friend and it provides another connection between us that, although is not in person, is better than texting. As we have often met in Sheboygan for an afternoon, I hope you get to read my current post on Panther Park. I always think of you when I am in Sheboygan.


  2. You make me smile because when we go places or for a walk with you you are constantly stopping to take a picture or marvel at a color. It takes me a few moments to figure out what to look at, but then there it is: something special, and I would never have seen it. Now I get to see many of the same scenes on your blog — what fun! Thank you.Mike

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