Big Changes AKA: Spring!

I am a lover of seasonal changes.

Ground cover remained green though the winter!

I’ve never felt the pull to live in places where the change of seasons are slight and barely noticeable. I do get a bit worn out of the cold and snow in winter and admittedly have done my share of complaining in March when winter hangs around longer than it is welcome, but I wouldn’t give up the joy of springs show in Wisconsin.

Picnic tables at the ready on Muskego Lake.

When the temperature in the Badger state reaches 40, the shedding of clothing begins and we see folks daring to wear a pair of shorts after the long hibernation plumped up their bodies. That doesn’t mean we have put away our boots and winter jackets. We are wise to know we will most likely need them again well in to the month of May.

Golf courses soon to be readied to open.

All kidding aside, (not really kidding, we have seen snow in June before) there are many signs that spring is bringing back to us the color we cherish so dearly. It is not a surprise that St. Patricks day celebrates with the color of green. He is the patron saint of the great emerald Isle and green is a symbol of renewed life and the beginnings of a great harvest to come.

This little plant is a surprise this year!

All around are images that the great thaw has arrived and with it new growth popping up through the cold ground, bits of green in the brown grass and ice floats pushing through rivers as they top their banks. We find we forgot what our yards looked like underneath the snow, that our streets are much wider than the plows allowed and the shrubs we planted last summer have continued to grow while we were hunkered down in our warm houses.

Tulips that I thought were eaten by the resident squirrels.

The birds who left last fall for warmer climates have begun their return journey north. Some will stay for the summer and other like the brilliant Orioles will pass through to head further north. I am ready for their arrival.

Wild flowers will soon fill this prairie with the return of joyful birds.

I have plans for my yard, probably more than I can handle, but I have learned to not attempt to get everything done right away. I have learned to savor every part of natures gifts. My gardening friends have taught me that the joy is in the act more than in the outcome. Gardening is a gradual process and so the joy is in seeing it all happen while being a part of that process.

Spring window display at Mari’s Flowers, on Milwaukee avenue in South Milwaukee.

Gardeners are by spirit generous humans and want to share their great wealth of knowledge. They know the importance of a world filled with plants and that the gift of gardening is a gift for a long and healthy life.

Nature teaches us that we will never know everything that she has to offer and that we should never stop wanting to learn more. Being one with nature in every way possible makes life worth living. So as we see the snow melt, our yards and parks change shape and those lovely green leafy growths pop out of the increasingly soggy earth, let us remember we are the caretakers of our world. Let us cherish natures offerings.

Ice flow in the turquoise canal waters in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Soon I’ll be back on my bike trekking around the trails in search of open space. We have new miles of off road bike trails to try out this year as soon as the unplowed snow is finally gone. And there are so many hiking trails I have yet to find and share with you.

But until that remaining snow is gone and our hiking trails loose some of the heavy slippery mud, I’ll be on the road looking for some other interesting finds to pass your way.

Next week I have a special personal story to share so keep a lookout for some tales of the past!

Until then, thanks for reading.


Published by destinybluemoon

I am an artist spending as many days as possible outside in the forests and open areas of Wisconsin. I try to bring my finds to you through photographic images, stories, poems and art.

3 thoughts on “Big Changes AKA: Spring!

  1. How fun to see new life pop up in our yards.soon we will dismantle that sand box and replace it with a raised garden area. Snow be gone!


  2. Hi Jen, Your pictures always go so well with your theme, it is a pleasure to walk with you through another journey. But today I found the pictures especially delightful- – so much contrast and expectation of things to come. Great trip, Mike


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