Abundant Asters

Many of you may know Warnimont Park for its section of OakLeaf paved bike trail that connects to Grant Park. I’ve ridden that trail many times in the last 15 or more years. Today, I chose to walk it for the first time and really discovered the extent or that section of the Forked AsterContinue reading “Abundant Asters”

Learning to Be Patient

I have a dear friend who is teaching me how to be a gardener. Not simply the art of gardening, but in being a gardener with patience to let the plants take root, grow and thrive in their own practiced time. It seems this year is a time of great patience for all and ifContinue reading “Learning to Be Patient”

A Prescription For What Ails

In the years that I have been day trekking around Wisconsin, I’ve found that a couple of hours in a forest can do a world of good for my body and soul. A two hour walk in a city can be rewarding but makes my feet hurt and my back yell at me enough thatContinue reading “A Prescription For What Ails”

Previously Unknown Freedom

Imagine the feeling of unlimited time. An adult life in todays world generally means working the majority of our waking hours. Being thrust into a life of uncertainty means making the decision of accepting the open hours or wallowing in self pity. The luck of the draw left me with the freedom to do whateverContinue reading “Previously Unknown Freedom”